Little River Yoga

Little River Yoga

Hope Lambert
Yoga Instructor
Ashtanga Vinyasa and Gentle/Intro

What motivates you to practice today? 
It’s simple. I feel better when I practice – mentally and physically.  But I am also lucky in that Stair Calhoun, owner of Little River Yoga, opens her home studio to teachers and students for early morning Mysore classes and self-practice. It’s so much easier to practice when there is a community of like-minded people practicing together.

What effect has yoga had on your students?
My students have found many physical benefits from  lessened back pain to greater ability to perform the sports they enjoy. Along with the physical benefits, often come mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that the students attribute to their practice.  The strong sense of community, Sangha is another important benefit of a regular yoga practice.

What do you enjoy most about the yoga community in Virginia? 
The yoga community in Virginia is very welcoming and warm. Stair has maintained (since 2001) a list of local yoga teachers and has helped many studios, gyms and other individuals find yoga teachers free-of-charge. This is just one example of teachers supporting one another in Northern Virginia. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this yoga community.

Little River Yoga (Alexandria, VA, and soon to be Arlington) offers yoga classes based on the Krishnamacharya lineage (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga style).  Additionally we offer Vinyasa, Gentle, and Rocket as well as a workshops ranging from yoga philosophy to refining challenging poses.   In September, Little River Yoga will expand to a second location on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA.   Our class sizes are small, ranging from 5 – 15 students per class, so we are able to provide a personal approach to teaching. 

Check out the class offerings from Little River Yoga during Virginia Yoga Week!