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Monu HarnalMonu Harnal
Yoga Teacher


What classes do you teach?
I teach Hatha Yoga based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda.  I offer a range of classes from the fundamentals of yoga, beginning asana and pranayama classes to more advanced classes.  Meditation is incorporated in each session.

What motivates you to practice today?
I practice yoga in order for the modifications of my mind to decrease.  The motivation to practice yoga is to bring me back to center – to the present.

Apurva Wellness

Students at Apurva Wellness

What effect has yoga had on your students?
My students progress in each session – mostly in physical awareness while practicing asanas and relaxation.  My students also recognize the subtlety in how prana is vital to the modification of their mind, in turn understanding a deeper level of self.

Tell us about the charity you chose
Vatsalya Gram is the charity organization we dedicate karma yoga classes. Vatsalya Gram’s mission is to stop the possibility of orphanage by connecting women and children who came from abusive and broken homes. In turn, creating a village of maternal love.

What do you enjoy most about the yoga community in Virginia?
The Virginia yoga community is sincere in learning the essence of yoga.  The community welcomes knowledge of yoga in the various forms it is presented.

Yoga at Apurva Wellness Center is based on small group and/or individual classes.  The path to wellness is a transformational journey.  As a yoga teacher it is vital for me to give my full attention to each student while they are on their journey to better understand their body, mind, and ultimately, their sprit. 

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