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What motivates you to practice today?
Yoga can provide each of us with improved health, serenity, and expanded awareness. At Unity Woods, our purpose is to offer uncompromised quality yoga instruction to as extensive an audience as possible.

What effect has yoga had on your students?Unity Woods Yoga Center
We estimate that we have taught more than 40,000 different students in our 30 year history. But our influence has not been limited to only our own students. Many of the more senior yoga teachers in the Washington and Baltimore areas were long-time Unity Woods students. Members of the next generation of teachers and studio owners are coming to classes and workshops now to refine their practice and teachings and see how we do things.

In an age when everything is instantaneous and superficiality abounds, we have continued to stress excellence and commitment as the means to fulfilling our mission: To offer uncompromising, quality yoga instruction to as extensive an audience as possible. That is the reason we exist, and it’s why we will continue to do our utmost to serve our students and our community.

If you are offering karma classes, how/why did you choose the charity?
Unity Woods is supporting The Arlington Food Assistance Center, which is located near our studio in the Ballston neighborhood. It’s a community-based non-profit that provides supplemental groceries to needy families in Arlington.

At Unity Woods, we teach only Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar Yoga instructors must train for years and pass rigorous assessments to receive certification to teach. This is unusual at a time when teachers can be certified in a month in some other methods. Our teachers are thoroughly grounded in anatomy, philosophy, and all aspects of yoga asana.

Iyengar Yoga is far more than simple exercise. What elevates the practice of asana from exercise to yoga is intelligent action and the infusion of awareness throughout your entire being when practicing the poses. When you refine what might otherwise be purely mechanical movement with intelligent action, you transform your practice into a meditation in motion that illuminates the previously dark, unconscious areas of your body and mind with the light of awareness.

Check out the class offerings from Unity Woods Yoga Center during Virginia Yoga Week!

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