River’s Edge Yoga

Margaret TownsendMargaret Townsend
Owner, River’s Edge Yoga
Founder, Virginia Yoga Week

Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Mysore, Bellydance
Silver Sage, Yoga Mom Yoga Baby

” No man can step into the same river twice, he is not the same man and it is not the same river”

What motivates you to practice today?
There are days when the first breath is a challenge, the bed beckons, 5 am comes early  and yet I come to the mat, take the breath and move forward into the day. The quote above inspires me everyday as I come to the mat. Life is ever changing, yoga is ever constant. A friend, at times a nag, but always a faithful friend.

What effect has yoga had on your students?
Students  often come to the mat weary, stressed from the day to day of life, work, commuting, or past injury. New students are often tentative as they step into the studio for that first class, but as they take their spot on the mat, take the first breath, find their bodies, calm the monkey mind, the aches and pains, stress and mental chatter begin to slip away. The sound of the breath becomes steady and rhythmic, their journey begins. I am honored to be a part of their journey to balance, calm and peace.

If you are offering karma classes, how/why did you choose the charity?
Karma classes are a part of the core philosophy at the studio. The choice  for Virginia Yoga Week was hard as so many folks are doing such good work. I serve on the board of YoKid and see the great work that the organization provides for children who might never have the chance to experience the benefits of practice, for their bodies, their minds and their spirits. The Exalted Warrior Foundation inspires me with it’s work with those coming home after acts of great courage and sacrifice. The work of Annie Okerlin, and all involved with the Exalted Warrior Foundation, is true compassion in action. My choice of Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue was  an easy one;  life was made much brighter by the friendship of a rescue pug named Charlotte who shared the mat with me as we taught yogis at Senior Centers throughout the area.

What do you enjoy most about the yoga community in Virginia?
I have been blessed to work with many studios, teachers, and yogis over the past several years sinc founding VYW and I am eternally touched by the generosity of spirit within the Virginia Yoga community. My awareness of the generosity of spirit within the community inspires me in my work at River’s Edge as I work to create a cozy, green space where all feel welcome to come in and play.

River’s Edge is located in Old Town North within two blocks of the water front with  easy parking and a great community of yogis. I invite all  to come visit us at the River.

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